How EasyHL7 Licenses work

Step-by-step instructions on how our product license system works and how to activate your downloaded products with your purchased licenses.


How do I get started?

The process of purchasing a license for a HermeTech product is separate from activating that product. This allows purchases to be made from one place (such as the Purchasing Department's computer) while the activation must be done from the machine running the application.

All the latest HermeTech products can now be activated/registered from within the application itself if the application is running on a computer/server which is connected to the internet. Computers without an internet connection or any Legacy Products like the EasyHL7 TCP/IP Listener etc will need to use the HL7 License Manager software (see below) for product activation.

To purchase a license

For all Current Applications

Refer to the online help for each product regarding product activation. Online user manuals are located HERE.

For All Legacy Applications

Online user manuals for Legacy products are located HERE.

For further information: Contact us.