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New In Version 2.0 - HL7 Document Templates


Finally! Something new and different which allows HL7 Version 2.xx users the ability to easily create robust, visually dynamic document and report templates from their HL7 Version 2.xx messages. Templates can be used in the UltraPort HL7 Notepad for creating 'ad-hoc' documents from HL7 AND they can be exported for use with an automated batch publishing system like the UltraPort HL7 Postmaster.


Whether you consume (receive) HL7 messages sent to you by others or produce HL7 messages for export to another trading partner this document platform could be just the thing you've been looking for, OR (since there's never been anything like this before) it might be just the thing that you never knew you absolutely needed.


1.Ease of Use. Our tools and components have always set a standard for ease of use, even for HL7 novices.

2.Reliability. We design very specialized HL7 software that is typically "laser-focused" on filling one specific HL7 function and performing that function very well, year in and year out with an absolute minimum of maintenance required.

3.Flexibility. Even when 'laser-focused' on handling one specific HL7 task our products always try to offer the widest possible variety of options for the user in how that task is performed.

4.Affordability. Even after 15 years, product for product and feature for feature, our pricing is still unmatched worldwide.

5.Customer Service. It's still exceptional, it's still 24/7, and it's still free. With us customer service is not an afterthought, it's our job and our reputation and we take it very seriously. It works as well as it does BECAUSE we pay such close attention to items 1 through 4. Contact us anytime for assistance


With the HL7 Document Templates we believe that we have come up with HL7 functionality that is unique, innovative, and actually exciting. Something that can let you leverage your current HL7 knowledge and systems and put them to work for you doing something that is actually valuable to you.


And did we mention that it was easy to use? Because it is extremely easy to use even for novices. Document Templates are created using simple (or complex) HTML source code. Even if you are a complete novice to HTML programming DO NOT let that throw you off. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced web developer with years of experience in using HTML for website design, you will find that creating templates is incredibly simple. You can even "draw" your template in Microsoft Word or WordPad OR use your own external HTML editor or web-design software and use that format to create your HL7 Document Templates.


Did we mention that it was flexible? Because it is incredibly flexible! You have almost the entire spectrum of HTML (Including HTML 5) and it's widely supported and highly documented ability to create presentation quality documents. You can export to HTML, Adobe PDF, or XML. You can even use it to extract binary data embedded in your HL7 messages.


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The HL7 Document Templates module of the Notepad is quite large, so large that most companies would have released it as a separate product so they could charge more. We went the other way and just added it in as a massive sub-module of our HL7 Notepad product. However, it does have so many "moving parts" that we did opt to create an entirely separate online help system for it. SO:


Click Here to Open the Online Help for Creating UltraPort HL7 Document Templates!


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