Creating Proxy Applications

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Creating Proxy Applications



The UltraPort HL7 Postmaster software comes with a simple application which demonstrates how a Proxy application works. It demonstrates both how to use a Proxy application to SEND HL7 messages to an HL7 Postmaster "Proxy" Data Source as well as how to RECEIVE HL7 messages from an HL7 Postmaster "Proxy" Destination.


It's really a very simple application, it was written in MS Visual Studio 2010 in less than 8 hours by a novice programmer 2 years out of University working in the HermeTech International. The full source code for this application is freely available to our customers (see Free Online Resources).


Proxy Applications are created using the UltraPort HL7 Postmaster Proxy API which is a MS Visual Studio Class Library DLL available (as of the time of this writing) for the Microsoft .Net Framework versions 2.0, 3.5 and 4.0. This API is also freely available to our customers (see Free Online Resources).


You can launch the Proxy Demonstration program from the Tools menu of the main window. The Proxy Demo application is well documented from within the program itself as you can see from the screen-shot below.



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Proxy Demo Application


One of the first things you notice in the Proxy Demo Application is that for both functions (Sending HL7 and Receiving HL7) you have to first configure an HL7 Postmaster to interact with it by creating either a Proxy Data Source or a Proxy Destination. Here's a step by step guide to creating a "Closed Loop" HL7 Postmaster which will work with the Proxy Demo Application for both Sending and Receiving HL7.


Since the result is a "Closed Loop", it means that All HL7 messages are in fact consumed without leaving any traces on the file system except for entries in the Postmasters traffic logs.


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When Running side-by-side on your desktop your Proxy demonstration will look something like the screen-shots below.


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Running the Proxy Demo Postmaster locally

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The Proxy Demo Application (running)



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Additional Information: Free online resources