Contacting customer service has never been easier. From the 'Help' menu of the main window or from the toolbar above your product license summary, anywhere you see this image emailncs32_zoom75 , you can click to open the 'Contact Customer Service' window. This special built-in express email feature delivers your messages directly through our web-servers into our customer service email system with an automatic priority override so that they are processed and delivered AHEAD of normal email correspondence sent through your regular email client (Outlook, Gmail, etc).


In the Message Window:


Contacting NCS

The Message Window



1.Reply To: (required) The email address you wish customer service to respond to. This defaults to your HermeTech Customer ID (email address)

2.CC: (optional) An email address you would like NCS to copy when they respond to your email.

3.Contact: (required) A contact name. This defaults to the Contact Name you entered when you created your HermeTech Account.

4.Phone: (required) A contact phone number. Why is this required? Sometimes there is more than 1 answer to a question. If NCS should determine that your question cannot be answered in a simple straight-forward email reply, it will be escalated for telephone contact if  possible.  This defaults to the phone number you entered when you created your HermeTech Account.

5.Subject: (required) Either select or type in a subject for your mail message.

6.Message: (required) The body of your message.

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