Send your HL7 message to a TCP/IP listener

To send an HL7 message in your message store over TCP/IP click the "Send" button on the main toolbar



Send an HL7 Message

Send an HL7 Message



Sending an HL7 message out over TCP/IP is easy.



Send HL7 messages to any HL7 standard "Listener"

Send HL7 messages to the UltraPort HL7 TCP/IP Router. If you own the UltraPort HL7 TCP/IP Router software you can send HL7 messages directly from the UltraPort Notepad directly to your Router for it to forward on to it's final destination for you! Great for situations where you might be blocked by a firewall, OR you are not connected to the appropriate VPN which the waiting HL7 Listener is running on BUT your UltraPort Router is running on your server and has all of the appropriate access to send HL7 messages out. The UltraPort Notepad "talks to" the UltraPort Router and the UltraPort Router "talks to" the world!

Receive and view HL7 Acknowledgements in real time

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