The HL7 Notepad Version 4.1.0

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The HL7 Notepad Version 4.1.0

The UltraPort HL7 Notepad Version 4.1 is now available and it's better than ever! We're still one of the few companies that are producing HL7 software compiled for the Microsoft Windows 64-Bit operating systems. All of the same great features but now it can just run faster and better on any Windows 64-Bit operating system. Remember that version upgrades are free for this product so if you already own it, you can upgrade today for no charge.


If you've just downloaded the UltraPort HL7 Notepad see Getting Started for information on activating your license. See the Release History for information about current and past releases.

The UltraPort HL7 Notepad Version 4




New in version 4 HTML View!

Mouse hover tooltips for every segment and field

Optional field highlighting so you can easily find the data you need

Quickly loads and displays very large HL7 messages (thousands of segments)

Create HTML Templates and use Template View to create reports.

One click editing of all data

Automatic highlighting of undefined HL7 segments and fields

Completely redesigned HL7 Reports

Browse Messages

Browse Messages


True WYSYWYG viewing and editing of raw HL7 data

Click any item to see the HL7 properties, field descriptions and definitions

Work with large files containing thousands of HL7 messages

All popular HL7 versions supported (2.2 through 2.6) with full support to expand

Choose your own HL7 syntax highlighting color scheme

Import messages from files or entire folders

Export messages to a single file or multiple 'discrete' files

Comprehensive message reporting with custom annotations!

Creating Documents

Create Documents From HL7

Starting in Version 2.0! Create Documents From HL7 Messages!


Create robust, visually dynamic documents or reports from your HL7 messages.

Create HL7 Document Templates for use either in the HL7 Notepad for "Ad-Hoc" reporting or export them for use with other programs like the UltraPort HL7 Postmaster for a completely automated solution!

Generate multiple output types (Adobe PDF, HTML, XML, etc).

Completely self-contained solution. No web-service, internet connection required.

Handles embedded text reports, binary data files embedded within HL7 messages, repeating segments etc.

EXTREMELY Easy to Use with free training available. Contact Us Today!

Search for HL7 Messages

Search for HL7 Messages


Flexible plain English search criteria

Save and Retrieve search scripts

View ALL matching messages right in the editor

Search within a single file, all files in a folder, or the messages you have open

Search within HL7 repeating fields

Transform HL7 Messages

Transform HL7 Messages

Features - (This one is very neat)

Transform HL7 messages by replacing component data with system generated data. Random numbers, Random Last Names, Random First Names (Male and Female), Random Cities, States, Street Addresses, Dates, Ages, Table Lookups, plus many more!

Take ONE HL7 message and clone it into 10,000 UNIQUE HL7 messages in less than 5 minutes! Great for testing or stress testing your HL7 interfaces.Transform a "real" HL7 message into a an "anonymous" HIPAA compliant HL7 message in seconds!

Conditional transformation! Only alter a component's value if it meets certain conditions

Flexible "plain English" GUI scripting interface!

Save and Retrieve your transformation scripts for use over and over again!

Send Messages over TCP/IP

Send Messages over TCP/IP


Send HL7 messages to any HL7 standard "Listener"

Send HL7 messages to the UltraPort HL7 TCP/IP Router. If you own the UltraPort HL7 TCP/IP Router software you can send HL7 messages directly from the UltraPort Notepad directly to your Router for it to forward on to it's final destination for you! Great for situations where you might be blocked by a firewall, OR you are not connected to the appropriate VPN which the waiting HL7 Listener is running on BUT your UltraPort Router is running on your server and has all of the appropriate access to send HL7 messages out. The UltraPort Notepad "talks to" the UltraPort Router and the UltraPort Router "talks to" the world!

Receive and view HL7 Acknowledgements in real time

Query HL7 Schemas in MS SQL

Query HL7 Schemas in MS SQL


For customers who own the UltraPort MS SQL Schema Engine

Query HL7 messages stored in your database

Simple GUI "plain English" query builder

Import search results into your HL7 Notepad

Supports both the UltraPort MS SQL Schema Engine and the EasyHL7 MS SQL Schema Engine

Customizable HL7 Version Definitions

Customizable HL7 Version Definitions


All popular HL7 versions included (2.2 through 2.6 and higher)

Create or Update new versions in seconds!

Comprehensive reporting of HL7 definition and structure AND messages

Create new custom segments (Z segments) including creating NEW HL7 data types

Create View and Edit HL7 internal tables

Support for custom delimiters and message enveloping

Import and Export HL7 definitions from other HermeTech products!

Integrated Hex Viewer/Editor

Integrated Hex Viewer/Editor


View HL7 message files in HEX. This might be the greatest tool you never knew you needed. The most common problem HL7 specialists report to us about HL7 messages they receive for testing or certification is that they are corrupted in some manner. Usually it's because the HL7 standard segment delimiter has been changed from a Carriage Return (Hex 0D) to a Carriage Return Line Feed (Hex 0D + Hex 0A). This usually happens because someone gets the bright idea of actually EDITING the HL7 message using Notepad or WordPad or some other inferior text editor.

Correct segment delimiter problems immediately and keep going.

Great for determining if your file is REALLY HL7 or just something that looks like HL7, smells like HL7 but really isn't HL7.