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Wednesday, 18 March 2020

PID|1|40511836|6476417825^^^H^MR||Sutton^Carmen^^^^^D||19830402|F|McGuire^Sean^^^^^U|Caucasian|5878 Fitzroy Av^^Emeryville^RI^285623061~7296 Sir John Young Cr^^Lompoc^AL^528146480^USA^H^^Macomb||(770) 679-8988^PRN||eng|M|NOE|132233176888^^^H^AN|255-74-6736|||N|||0|
PV1|1|E|EMDHHA^^^HARPER-HUTZEL^^^HA|E|||12917580^Gross^Lori|^PHYSICIAN^NO PCP NO,RERRING|||||||||^PHYSICIAN^EMERGENCY|ET|||||||||||||||||||||HA|||||20150925091000|
GT1|0001|1565221281|Powell^Peter^S||5008 SOMEPLACE RD^APT215^FT WORTH^TX^76132-0000|(817)555-1212|(214)555-1212X00019|
IN1|0001|0000008|0000114|UNITED HEALTH 87726|P O BOX 740800^^ATLANTA^GA^30374-0800||(800)842-5724|||||20000401|||P|OYLE^OLIVE^M|00002|19760824|5008 SOMEPLACE RD^APT215^FT WORTH^TX^76132-0000|Y|Y||||||A|||||||||234166342|||||||F|
OBR|1|3500718461^HNAM_ORDERI|2188047|40024^Chest (2 Views)|||20150925093926|20150925094939|||||||Rad Type&Rad Type|5843663170^Sharma^Aniya^K^^EMERGENCY MEDICINE^DR.^^NPI^U^^^NPI||||DX20150289134^HNA_ACCN~16072376^HNA_PACSID|CD:9358|20150925094939||DX|R||1^^^^^ST|||Stretcher|^Cough|4301R038010&GLOWNIAK&JERRY&V&&NUCLEAR MEDICINE&DR.&&DMC EXTERNAL ID NUMBER&&EXTERNALID|||FUSION&TRANSCRIPTION&FUSION&&&&&&DMC Personnel ID&&PRSNLID|||||||||673975^Procedure Code (OBR 44.2) Random^^^Additional Text (OBR 44.5)|
OBX|1|FT|CD:16059^.||786.2 ~~EXAM:~AP and Lateral Chest~~HISTORY: ~56-year-old female with a cough. There is a history of congestive heart failure of end-stage renal disease for which the patient receives hemodialysis, and main melanoma.~~TECHNIQUE: ~An AP upright view of the chest was performed along with a left lateral view. ~~FINDINGS: ~This study is compared with the prior exam from 09/14/2015.~ ~The patient has taken a less deep inspiration than on the prior exam. The lungs appear hyperexpanded. The heart is mildly enlarged. Again seen is a right pleural effusion layering along the right lateral chest wall. Again seen are loculated effusions in the horizontal fissure and the lower portion of the right oblique fissure. The left lateral costophrenic angle is clear. Again seen is a catheter projecting over the right lung base which probably represents a pleural catheter. There is mild pulmonary vascular congestion. There has been interval development of a new opacity in the right inferior hemithorax inferior to the horizontal fissure.~~IMPRESSION: ~~1. Again seen are hyperexpanded lungs suggestive of emphysema.~2. There is mild pulmonary vascular congestion suggestive of congestive heart failure/fluid overload.~3. Again seen are loculated pleural effusions in the right oblique fissure and the horizontal fissure.~4. There is new opacity in the inferior portion of the right lung which could represent pneumonia involving the middle lobe and the right lower lobe.~5. The patient is being evaluated in the emergency room at Harper University Hospital by Dr. Angela Groves who was contacted by telephone at 1020 hours on 09/25/2015 and informed of the new opacities in the right middle lobe and right lower lobe that could represent pneumonia.||||||R|
NTE|1||PRELIMINARY~(Preliminary Results May Vary From Final)~Dictated By: GLOWNIAK MD, JERRY V~Date Dictated: JVG 09/25/15 10:25~Date Transcribed: FT 09/25/15 10:25|