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Q. Why do I have to login/register now?
A. In order to generate an invoice/price quote we must have a valid customer's account to attach it to. Then, when the invoice is paid your software license(s) can be activated immediately.

Legacy Products

The EasyHL7 Microsoft SQL Schema Engine

The EasyHL7 MySQL Schema Engine

The EasyHL7 TCP/IP HL7 Listeners

The EasyHL7 TCP/IP HL7 Routers

The EasyHL7 ActiveX Components

The Microsoft Access Schema Engine

What is a 'Legacy Product'? Legacy products are our older outdated product lines. We maintain them on our website for backward compatibility and as a courtesy for the many customers around the world who still use the product. While HermeTech will continue to support these great products we have discontinued maintenance on them so it is highly recommended that, if possible, you purchase (or upgrade to) an equivalent UltraPort product if available.

Effective 1 July 2016 (NZDT) HermeTech will begin charging a fee for moving licenses for all legacy products to a new computer. The fee charged will be 20% of the current retail price of the legacy license being moved if paid online or 30% of the current retail price if paid via "manual" invoice (IE Purchase Order). As MS Windows operating systems have moved on and away from our legacy products the extended support necessary for customers using these older products has necessitated this action. There are conditions under which this charge might not apply to you, Contact Customer Service if you have any questions at all.