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Managed Code Objects for Visual Studio .Net

Version 3.0 A Visual Studio .Net HL7 Class Library DLL designed to allow HL7 software developers to provide HL7 integration for their existing solutions cheaply, quickly and reliably. Built-in license management means that your applications can be deployed in 'DEMO' mode with a limited-time period or in RUNTIME (unrestricted) mode. A Developer's license for the EasyHL7 ActiveX Components is included FREE with your purchase of this product.

The Visual Studio .Net objects represents a major 'reimagining' of the EasyHL7 ActiveX Components with the emphasis placed specifically on making the Visual Studio .Net development experience as simple as possible. Need to create an HL7 message? Call the CreateMessage method. Need to open a file containing HL7 messages and extract each message? Use the HL7FileAnalyzer object. Need to silently monitor a folder for HL7 message files, AND analyze them (in the proper order) AND fire an event to your code allowing you to work each individual message? Use the HL7FolderProcessor object. This one's special, it's almost an entire inbound interface in 1 object. How about an event driven, multi-threaded, object that you instantiate, validate and start in less than 10 lines of code that does ALL of that!
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Visual Studio .Net 2005 (VB)

Rapid application development. On-line Manual

Using this .Net HL7 class library DLL allows developers of integrated HL7 solutions to design, test, deploy, and implement HL7 software quickly and easily in the RAD (Rapid Application Development) development environment provided by MS Visual Studio .Net. By taking the development focus away from the complexities of HL7, developers are better able to concentrate effort where it is really needed, that is to say, on the data content rather than the structure. Whether you are creating an HL7 interface that will receive HL7 data that you need to import into your own database, or an outbound interface where you create HL7 messages from your own data for transport to another application, the simple to use properties and methods available in the EasyHL7 components will speed up your total solution development time by an order of magnitude.

Implemented as two (2) .Net Class Library DLLs, EasyHL7MC40.dll is the workhorse class and the (Implemented in Version 2.0) EasyHL7MC40_UI.dll contains a number of useful User Interfaces for your MS Windows Forms apps. It even includes the NEW EasyHL7RichTextbox custom .Net control for Windows Forms which allows you to embed our HL7 reporting subsystem right into your application!

Available for multiple MicroSoft .Net Frameworks all included 1 license fits all! With this release we've also expanded our .Net Framework support to include versions for the .Net Framework 2.0 (EasyHL7MC20.dll and EasyHL7MC20_UI.dll) and Framework 3.5 SP1 (EasyHL7MC35.dll and EasyHL7MC35_UI.dll) and Framework 4.0 (EasyHL7MC40.dll and EasyHL7MC40_UI.dll). Download any or all of them by clicking HERE.

  1. Data Processing: Use the objects contained in EHL7_MC2005.dll to process inbound HL7 message data files, or create outbound HL7 messages. Provides a platform that is 'safe' for creating multi-threaded system service applications, web or browser based applications, or silent work-horse type applications.
  2. User Interfaces: The Library provides many built-in user interfaces that are available for you to include in your applications as you see fit. For example, the .Show, .Edit and .ShowReport interfaces provides you with built-in, robust, HL7 data viewer/reporter that you can include in your own application with 1 small block of code. Built-in reports (for both HL7 structure definitions and HL7 messages) HL7 definition viewing, annotating and reporting interfaces are also included.
  3. Multi-Platform Development: Work in any of the Visual Studio .Net platforms. While specifically targeted for VB.Net, it works in C# or C++ with equal facility.
The problem with HL7 integration for the small to medium scale medical software development community has always been the lack of simple, reasonably priced tools that will allow them to concentrate their time (and their budget) on developing their own software, rather than worrying about the continuing problem of linking their system to others via HL7. When combined with our HL7 Listener and/or HL7 Router software you can create complete, end to end HL7 interfaces that are scalable, reusable, and affordable.

Purchasing ADDITIONAL Runtime Licenses

When you purchase your first EasyHL7 Components License your account is automatically credited with twenty (20) RUNTIME licenses. This means that you can create as many .Net applications as you like and deploy them to up to twenty (20) different computers without incurring any additional expense. After this, you will have to purchase additional 'packs' of RUNTIME licenses. As you can see from the prices below, your MAXIMUM cost for additional RUNTIME licenses is US$5.00 each or can be as little as US$2.00 (depending on volume purchased)!

IMPORTANT: You must own at least one (1) EasyHL7 Visual Studio .Net/ActiveX Components license before you can purchase additional runtime licenses.

Twenty (20) Runtime Licenses for EasyHL7 Managed Code objects for .NetUS$ 100.00
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Two hundred (200) Runtime Licenses for EasyHL7 Managed Code objects for .NetUS$ 500.00
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Five hundred (500) Runtime Licenses for EasyHL7 Managed Code objects for .NetUS$ 1000.00
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EasyHL7 ActiveX/.Net Components

Prices and Licensing

The cost of the first Components Toolkit license on an account is US$ 750.00, each subsequent license is discounted to US$ 350.00.

Unlike the EasyHL7 ActiveX components, there is a small runtime distribution cost for the .Net objects. Purchasing a Toolkit license automatically credits your account with twenty (20) FREE runtime licenses. Additional 'packs' of runtime licenses can be purchased for a VERY nominal fee (never more than US$5.00 per computer). See the bottom of this page for more info.