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EasyHL7 MySQL Schema Engine

Important Note: This is a "Legacy" product which means that, while still offered for sale, the product is no longer being updated or maintained. As of February 2016 it has been superceded by the UltraPort SQL Schema Engine which now supports MySQL as well as Microsoft SQL Server. Click HERE for more information about the NEW UltraPort SQL Schema Engine.

Process HL7 messages directly into a MySQL database with this simple to configure and use system. Create 1 or more easy to follow schemas of data tables, turn it on and the rest is up to you. Creates an instant data warehouse of HL7 message data and makes it extremely easy for you to move data from our schema into your own. You work the database and leave the HL7 to us! With this product you can be up and running, importing HL7 messages while you would still be reading the installation manual on other HL7 database products. Also available for MicroSoft SQL Server AND MicroSoft Access.

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Price: US$ 750.00 Send me an invoice/quote. OR Download now (login required).

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EasyHL7 MySQL Database Schema Engine

Easily import HL7 data directly into a MySQL database

Question: What EXACTLY do you want an HL7 integration engine to do for you when it comes to importing HL7 data into your SQL database?

Answer: Here's a fact, despite what the colorful brochures may tell you the vast majority of the users of expensive HL7 integration engines use them in the same way. HL7 message data is actually imported into a 'staging area' in the database (a set of tables which are NOT the application's primary data tables). Then another process 'works' those tables and selectively moves data into the application's primary data tables. It's true, this is usually the case EVEN when a system has developed it's own HL7 interface and relies on no 3rd party integration engine.

Question: Why does it work that way?

Answer: It all boils down to scalability, portability, and trust. SCALABILITY, developers need to be able to update their software and make database changes to their primary tables without worrying about 'breaking' their HL7 interface. PORTABILITY, they need to be able to deploy upgrades to their products to their clients without fear that their changes will cause a functioning 3rd party HL7 solution to fail. And finally, TRUST, software developers spend YEARS honing their database schemas, improving them, crafting them to make the very best product that they can. A natural result of this is that their primary database schemas become complex, finely tuned organisms which typically defy any third parties 'out-of-the-box' solution for 'mapping' HL7 data directly into the application tables without an incredible investment of time (and money) configuring, and programming in an unfamiliar 3rd party environment.

Question: So why do people pay up to thousands of dollars for functionality that they will probably never use?

Answer: Because up until now, there hasn't been an alternative. Now, there is. The EasyHL7 MySQL Schema Engine is a robust, scalable, safe, affordable, easy to use, understand and implement solution that tries to deliver maximum performance for a minimum investment of both money and (more importantly) time.

Main features include: