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Video: CORE HL7 Listener


Designed entirely on the .Net 6 (Windows) platform. The CORE HL7 TCP/IP Listener is a step into the future of HL7 messaging on the MS Windows operating system.


It's never been easier to receive HL7 messages over TCP/IP than with The CORE HL7 TCP/IP Listener , the next generation of our award winning HL7 Listener products. Designed entirely on the .Net 6 (Windows) platform, our listener is smaller, faster, more flexible than ever so that you can take full advantage of the latest Microsoft Windows 64-Bit operating systems!


Download our software any time from our website and if you do not yet own a license you can activate a "Demo" license which will allow you plenty of functionality to try the product out for yourself to see if it's what you're looking for.


Review the online help for the CORE HL7 Listener HERE.


See Free Stuff if you need a free HL7 TCP/IP Sender to test your CORE HL7 Listener!



Video: Create a Private Windows Service


Video: Transform HL7 Messages or Ack










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