The HL7FolderProcessor Object


Tying it all together with automated processing!

(c) 2011 Hermetech International Ltd.

The HL7FolderProcessor Object is a compound multi-threaded event driven object which wraps up all of the other objects into one neat package. You can in just a few lines of code set up a HL7FolderProcessor object to:


1.Monitor a file-system folder for the appearance of HL7 data files.
2.When detected, sort those files into their proper order (first in, first out).
3.Analyze each file using a HL7FileAnalyzer object, mapping and parsing out each HL7 message.
4.Fire an event to YOUR code allowing you to work those HL7 messages.


Now, you can apply your concentration and development time to where it's really needed, IE working with the HL7 data directly.


Processor objects can only be created by HL7Vendor Objects (see the NewFolderProcessor method).


For more info see: Properties, Methods, Events




Object Creation:


Dim oProcessor As EasyHL7MC40.HL7FolderProcessor

Private WithEvents oProcessor As EasyHL7MC40.HL7FolderProcessor

Public WithEvents oProcessor As EasyHL7MC40.HL7FolderProcessor

Friend WithEvents oProcessor As EasyHL7MC40.HL7FolderProcessor


Then Instantiate the Object like so:

'Where oVendor is a valid HL7Vendor object with an open vendor definition

oProcessor = oVendor.NewFolderProcessor()





Dim oProcessor As New EasyHL7MC40.HL7FolderProcessor

Private oProcessor As New EasyHL7MC40.HL7FolderProcessor

Public oProcessor As New EasyHL7MC40.HL7FolderProcessor

Friend oProcessor As New EasyHL7MC40.HL7FolderProcessor


oProcessor = New EasyHL7MC40.HL7FolderProcessor