Activating Licenses


How License Activation Works Normally


Online Product License Activation

All current HermeTech products have a built-in "online activation" feature which allows them to be activated "in place" on the client computer without requiring the HL7 License manager at all. You simply install the software, start it, and are taken through a screen flow for online activation requiring only your HermeTech Logon credentials (the same as you use when logging into the HL7 License Manager). Immediately after you activate one of your HermeTech licenses on a client computer using online activation you can immediately see that activation in your HL7 License Manager software by simply refreshing your data.


animatedlinkNOTE: All of our "Legacy Applications" can NOT use online activation.


For more information about how license activation works for your HermeTech product, refer to the online help for that product. You can also visit our website for the online help for all products by clicking HERE.



Using the License Manager to Activate a License


Manual Product Activation


As with all software products (even MS Windows) there will be circumstances occasionally where online activation does not work, such as:

The client computer has no internet connection or has an internet connection but is blocking the HermeTech application from accessing the internet because of an internal security policy.

Your own policy might dictate that the HermeTech products be installed and activated by the client or a 3rd party and you don't want to give that party your HermeTech log-on information (usually a very prudent and wise choice).

You need to reactivate a HermeTech product on a computer where the license file has been deleted OR the license activation key was created FOR YOU by HermeTech Customer Service (Example: When Moving Licenses from one computer to another). You do this by using the HL7 License Manager to retrieve the license activation key (see Retrieving License Keys).


In these situations you would use the "Manual Activation" features built into each product all of which require the License Manager.


How Manual Activation Works


Manual activation, whether for a current application or a legacy application always consists of 3 steps. Steps 1 and 3 are done by you and step 2 is done by customer service.


1.You enter an Activation Request through the HL7 License Manger.

2.Customer Service processes the activation request for you and notifies you by email (or in real time if we're on the phone) when it's ready.

3.You retrieve the License Activation Key from the HL7 License Manager and use it to activate the HermeTech software. (See Retrieving License Keys).


Don't be daunted by manual activation, while it's less convenient than online activation, it is really not that difficult and you can ALWAYS Contact Customer Service 24/7 and we can walk you through it in about 10 minutes.








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