API Connection Profiles

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API Connection Profiles

API Architecure and Navigation

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The entire point of The SQL Engine API is to create and use the HermeTechSQLEngine object. In order to successfully CREATE the object though you have to first create a database connection profile object which will tell the SQL Engine how to connect to the database schema. The API supports 3 ways (and provides 3 different objects) to connect to an UltraPort HL7 Database Schema. They are:


1) SQLEngineMSSQLProfile - Microsoft SQL Server (Native Connection)

2) SQLEngineMSSQLODBCProfile - Microsoft SQL Server (ODBC Connection)

3) SQLEngineMySQLODBCProfile - MySQL (ODBC Connection)


Using the Microsoft SQL Server (Native Connection)


Using the Microsoft SQL Server (ODBC Connection)


Using the MySQL (ODBC Connection)


Your Next Step: Create a HermeTechSQLEngine object using the HermeTechSQLController object and a Connection Profile shown above.