How the C0 Columns are implemented

See Also: Handling Special Fields


In your database schema segment data tables you will note that for every HL7 field there is a C0 column. For instance in the <prefix>_Segment_PID_A table HL7 field 5 (the patient name) has the normal component value columns:

PID_F5_C1 (Component 1, the last name)

PID_F5_C2 (Component 2, the first name)

PID_F5_C3 (Component 3, the middle name)

etc., etc.

There is also a C0 column (PID_F5_C0) which is defined as a 'Text' SQL data type (allownulls = True). There is a C0 column defined for every HL7 data field. The C0 columns are used for special situations where the normal UltraPort Schema table structure is inadequate. It is used differently for processing INBOUND HL7 messages than OUTBOUND HL7 messages.


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