With the "repair" functionality the Schema Engine will examine your SQL tables and validate them against the HL7 vendor definition you selected when creating your schema profile. If the system detects that repairs are needed it will generate the appropriate SQL scripts to effect those repairs and optionally execute them for you. In the Schema Utilities window click the 'Repair Schema' tab. IMPORTANT NOTE: For users who are upgrading from the EasyHL7 MS SQL Schema Engine, you must run the repair functions against your EasyHL7 schemas.


Repairing schemas which already exist

The 'Repair Schema' tab




When will your schemas need repair?


If you modify or change the EasyHL7 Vendor/Version definition used to create the schema (See HL7 Vendor Definitions)

If you upgrade from an earlier version of the UltraPort MS SQL Schema Engine you should always validate your schema tables to see if they need repair.