Starting with version 6.6.0 you can configure the SQL Schema Engine software to "Auto-Train" your database to accept your HL7 messages. When configured properly the SQL Schema Engine will dynamically alter your SQL Schema data tables at run-time by expanding the size of columns when a data truncation event occurs (data in your HL7 message is too large to fit into the designated column), by adding new columns to your tables if your trading partner sends information in fields or components which are NOT in your HL7 Vendor Definition, and even by adding new tables if your HL7 message contains undocumented "Z" tables or even if they send you an unexpected "newer" version of HL7 which includes standard tables which your schema doesn't know about.


In practice this means that you can actually create a database schema using the oldest HL7 standard which installs with the software (Default Version 2.2) and import HL7 messages in ANY version 2.xx format and your database schema will automatically be "trained" to accept all of the data with NO truncation, NO missing fields, NO missing columns and NO missing tables!


Why is this needed?


How to Configure Your Schema for Training


Step 0. Before you Begin...Check Your Global Settings



There are 3 (3) things that you need to do configure your SQL Schema for training. For it to work properly you MUST do all 3 of them.


Step 1. Check the "Automatically Train My Schema Tables Box"


Step 2. Enable a Database Maintenance Plan


Step 3. Set ALL of your Schema Warnings to FATAL.



How can I tell what the Auto-Training has done to my database?



What if I recreate my Schema Tables?