Upgrading from EasyHL7 MS SQL Schema Engine

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Upgrading from EasyHL7 MS SQL Schema Engine

For users of the EasyHL7 MS SQL Schema Engine upgrading to the HermeTech UltraPort SQL Schema Engine is quite simple. Just contact HermeTech Customer Support and let us know that you wish to upgrade.


Functional Differences


1.Maintenance. In the UltraPort MS SQL Schema Engine database maintenance is handled in an entirely different way than it was handled in the EasyHL7 SQL Schema Engine. In the EasyHL7 SQL Schema Engine your inbound and outbound processors would execute the maintenance plan (if you defined one) when the processor started and every 24 hours after that. Also, the maintenance SQL which that program would execute was not as efficient as it could be. In the UltraPort Schema Engine database maintenance has been divorced from the inbound and outbound processors and runs as a separate process and even has it's own MS Windows Service (Professional License Only). See Schema Database Maintenance for more information.

2.Repeating, Sub-Component HL7 field handling (see Special Handling)

3.Developer License. (See License Types)

4.UltraPort Listener Integration.

5.UltraPort Router Integration.


IMPORTANT Considerations when upgrading


1.Before you upgrade you should back up all of your EasyHL7 SQL Server schema databases

2.If you have created or customized any custom EasyHL7 Vendor definitions which you use in the EasyHL7 MS SQL Schema Engine then you should export them before you upgrade so that you can import them into the UltraPort Schema Engine before you upgrade your schema tables.

3.While the UltraPort MS SQL Schema Engine is backward compatible to the EasyHL7 SQL Schema Engine, you MUST run the repair utility on your EasyHL7 Schema tables. IMPORTANT: Once you have run the repair utility (see Repairing Schema Tables) you CANNOT run the EasyHL7 SQL Schema Engine any more for that particular schema. The repair utility does several things to your tables which make them incompatible with the EasyHL7 MS SQL Schema Engine and continuing to run it will produce unpredictable results.