UltraPort HL7 Listener

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UltraPort HL7 Listener

The UltraPort HL7 Postmaster comes with an OEM version of the UltraPort HL7 TCP/IP Listener which is enabled and comes free if you own a Distributor or Enterprise license. Terms and conditions apply, see below for details.



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The UltraPort HL7 TCP/IP Listener (OEM)


Use the UltraPort HL7 Listener to receive HL7 messages from any HL7 2.xx compatible HL7 sending application. The OEM version that ships with the UltraPort HL7 Postmaster is functionally no different from the commercial version with a few important caveats.


1.A Distributor or Enterprise license is required for the OEM licensed product to work (although it will work in Demo/Evaluation mode).

2.The OEM license is for 2 listening ports only (IE you can only have 2 ENABLED listener profiles at a time).

3.The OEM license functions according to the TYPE of license being used by the UltraPort HL7 Postmaster. This means that if the computer has a Developer license for the UltraPort HL7 Postmaster, then the UltraPort Listener (OEM) will also function as if it had a Developer license.

4.The OEM license cannot be upgraded. This means that you cannot upgrade the 2 Port OEM license to a 3, 5, 10, etc. Port license as you can with the regular version of the UltraPort Listener software. If you need additional inbound HL7 TCP/IP feeds then you must purchase the full retail version of the UltraPort HL7 Listener separately. IMPORTANT! However, the OEM version and the retail version are actually different programs. So if you purchase a 5 Port UltraPort Listener retail license separately it can be run SIDE-BY-SIDE with your 2 Port OEM version giving you a total of 7 possible inbound HL7 Listeners.


For additional information visit the UltraPort Listener Homepage OR the online help for the UltraPort Listener.



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