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Account/License Management


HL7 License Manager: If you own HermeTech products then this FREE application will be of use to you. You can manage your account, change your password, activate/reactivate your HermeTech products and legacy products, an integrated expedited emailer to Customer Service and get an instant desktop view of all of your products! Download right from the products page click HERE! or you can click HERE to download it now!




Use the HL7 License Manager To:


Generate license activation keys from YOUR internet-connected computer for HermeTech products installed on computers that are not connected (or are blocked from connecting ) to the internet (see Manual Activation) and thus are unable to use "Online Activation".

View or print reports for any/all of your HermeTech product licenses.

Update your account information, change your password etc.

Contact HermeTech customer service with it's built-in expedited email service.

The software is mandatory and must be used when requesting that any software license be reissued (see Moving Licenses to Another Computer).


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