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Listener Volume

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Q: I need to receive a high volume of HL7 messages, how FAST can the UltraPort Listener receive HL7 messages?

A: It doesn't really matter! But wait, that's not an answer and we know it, the problem is that the QUESTION itself is flawed and needs more context. One simple answer we could give you is that under lab conditions we can show you that the UltraPort HL7 Listener can successfully receive/write/log and acknowledge over 100 messages per second using a USB3 external HDD as the destination without significant stress on the system resources of any modern computer with adequate memory (no 2 GB Windows 10 laptops please). The real ANSWER to the question is much more nuanced than just a simple metric of the ability to receive <xx> messages per second/minute/hour/day.


This section of the help is dedicated to helping you ASK the right question, and then hopefully provide the answer that you need. This section is typically only relevant for customers who are receiving (or expect to receive) very high volumes of HL7 messages (over 100-200,000 messages per day)

















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