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HL7 Listener Main Window

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The main window will show you all of your configured HL7 listener profiles as well as your product license information (Demo or Live). After your system starts for the first time you'll want to create at least 1 listener profile.


First Startup (No Profiles)

Initial Startup with no Listener Profiles


From the main window you can also open the global settings window, run system reports, validate your profiles, access online help and download some other useful tools from the HermeTech website like the free UltraPort Listener Service Monitor, the UltraPort Listener Proxy Toolkit for Microsoft Visual Studio.Net and our HL7 Router (sender) simulator (very useful for testing your listener profiles). You can also check the status of the windows service.


The Main Window

The Main Window


The Service Status Tab


Service Status Tab

The Service Status Tab




Toolbar Buttons




Create a new listener profile.


Edit the Global Settings


View / Print a system report


Open the HL7 Data Folder of the selected listener profile


(Drop Down Menu) Start Service / Stop Service / Run Locally.


Opens this online help.


Exit the UltraPort Listenr Conffiguration Program



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