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Release History

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What's New


Version 5.4.0 - (25 May 2021) Version 5.4.0 is a maintenance patch release to upgrade our online activation servers.


Version 5.3.1 - (18 March 2020) Version 5.3.1 is a maintenance patch release. In March we upgraded the TLS certificates on our webservers which we use for online license activation (See Getting Started). Older versions of the UltraPort Listener will no longer be able to use Online Activation and must use Manual Activation. This update ONLY impacts ONLINE license activation and has no impact if you are just upgrading your existing installation from an older version to the current version (as your license is already activated).


Version 5.2.4 - (2 October 2018) Version 5.2.4 is a minor product enhancement release. An enhancement was added in the Global Settings which allows you some control over CPU allocation and priority for the UltraPort Listener MS Windows Services. See Global Settings for more information.


Version 5.2.3 - (4 August 2018) Version 5.2.3 is a minor product enhancement release. An option was added in the Listener Profiles window which allows you to double click in the data folder field to allow you to edit the folder by hand. This is useful if you need to set the folder to a network share or NAS drive which cannot be accessed via the "Browse for Folder" dialog. An enhancement was also added which increased the performance of the various system logging features of the UltraPort Listener runtime engines (the MS Windows Services and Run Locally option). The enhancement affects the traffic logging, system logging and Acknowledgment archiving sub-systems. The impact is minor and would likely only be noticed by customers with very high inbound traffic volume spread across many listener profiles.


Version 5.1.1 - (2 Nov 2017) Version 5.1 is a minor product enhancement release. An option was added in the Listener Profiles window which allows you to instruct your HL7 listener to include the HL7 message event (MSH 9.2) from the incoming HL7 message in the HL7 acknowledgment. Although including the message event is NOT a standard HL7 requirement (it is always optional) the feature was added to insure compatibility with medical device manufacturers (such as Abbott) which absolutely require this feature.


Version 5.0.4 - (01 Jan 2017) Version 5.0.4 is a minor product enhancement release. We have now included the ability to instruct the UltraPort Listener to use the alternative CA and CE HL7 Acknowledgment types (as opposed to the typical AA and AR types). In addition you can also now opt to have individual UltraPort Listener Profiles reset themselves at runtime if they remain idle (receive no HL7 messages). This option was put in place to help mitigate the effects of VPNs which are not properly configured for HL7 message exchange over TCP/IP. See Optional Profile Settings for more information on Alternate ACKS and the Idle Timeout. Also in version 5.0.4 a minor cosmetic change was implemented and the program is now more friendly for users using personalized large fonts in Windows.


Version 5.0.2 - (22 June 2016) Version 5.0.2 addresses 2 minor bugs which were reported in version 5.0. The first incident reported was receiving an exception when running listener profiles if logging was turned OFF (see Item #3 in Global Settings). This problem was easily "worked around" by setting the log level in the Global Settings to anything other than "None - No Logging". The 2nd incident would only manifest for new installations when creating the FIRST listener profile. After saving the profile it would not show up in the main window until the program was closed and then reopened.


Version 5.0.0 - (10 June 2016) Version 5.0 is a major product enhancement release and is the first version of the UltraPort Listener with both a 32-Bit and a 64-Bit installation available for all MS Windows 64-Bit operating systems. It includes a minor enhancement to the new integrated UltraPort Listener Monitor.


Version 4.3.0 - (February 2016) Version 4.3.0 is a product enhancement release and introduces the new integrated UltraPort Listener Monitor. Effective with version 4.3 the UltraPort HL7 Listener is no longer compatible with the older UltraPort Service Monitor application. Also new functionality was added to allow for the handling of special "Keep-Alive" HL7 messages. See Keep Alive Messages.


Version 4.2.0 - (January 2016) Version 4.2.0 is a necessary "maintenance" release which introduces short term licenses. In order to purchase and use short term licenses you must be running version 4.2.0 (or higher). See Software Licenses for more information.


Version 4.1.0 - (October 2015) Version 4.1.0 represents a major enhancement release. We've added 3 additional MS Windows Services for customers with multi-port licenses as well as multi-profile tools which allow you to edit certain properties across ALL of your Listener Profiles. See Running as a Service and Multi-Profile Tools for more information.


Version 4.0.0 - (September 2015) Version 4 is a necessary "maintenance" release which paves the way for a major new release (coming very soon). This means that there were no patches or additional functionality added, but it's a very important one for existing users. Starting with Version 4 the UltraPort Listener has been updated and now requires the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0. This can affect customers wanting to upgrade their existing installations on older computers/servers. See the System Requirements for more information.


Version 3.2.0 - Version 3.2 Addresses a bug that crept into version 3.1.2 which would indicate an error trying to save a listener profile which had a remote computer's IP address which contained a 0 (Example: in the Optional Profile Settings. Version 3.2 also introduces a new piece of functionality: the message 'Throttle'. In your optional profile settings you can now indicate that you wish to limit the speed of your incoming HL7 message traffic (see Optional Profile Settings for more information).


Version 3.1.2 - Version 3.1.2 Addresses a problem with version 3.1.0 in that the new VM (virtual machine) licenses were not being created correctly on client computers and thus special VMware features and behavior were not being registered and causing the license to become invalid if a CPU was added or removed from the VM. Version 3.1.2 corrects this issue. If currently running any version >= 3.0 than all that is required is to download and install the latest version over your current installation and start the configuration program once. If running a version prior to version 3.0 then you will need to download and install the new version and then go through the "move" license process (see Moving Licenses to Another Computer).


Version 3.1.1 - A mandatory release and upgrade for users of the UltraPort HL7 Listener on VMWare or other "virtual" computer environments. See our policy on Virtual Machines for more information.


Version 3.0 - A mandatory maintenance release. Version 3.0.0 was a mandatory release for all future installations of the UltraPort HL7 TCP/IP Listener due to HermeTech moving our online installation portal to a new server.


Version 2.3 - A maintenance/bug fix release. Issues were reported wherein the TrafficLogs sub-folder was not being created properly when editing a listener profile. This has been corrected.


Version 2.1 - An irritating bug was being reported in December 2011 by several customers wherein on certain MS Windows Server operating systems after a certain amount of uptime the MS Windows service would "spike" CPU usage. A restart of the service would correct the error. This was traced to the UltraPort Listener "file maintenance" routines which run when the service starts and then every 24 hours afterward. The subsequent file maintenance runs (ie 24 hours after the service started) were interacting badly with currently running listener profiles. This HAS been corrected in version 2.1 and the file maintenance routine adjusted so that it only runs once when the service starts.

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