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Starting with version 4.1 - Multiple UltraPort Listener Windows Services


If your license allows for HL7 listening on Multiple TCP/IP Ports you now have the option of distributing your Listeners across up to 4 different MS Windows Services. For instance, if you own a 2 Port UltraPort Listener license you can have one listener run in Service #1 and the other to run in Service #2.


Question 1: Do I have to do this?


Answer 1: No, absolutely not. Nothing has functionally changed and all 4 of the MS Windows services function IDENTICALLY. If you are an existing user you can upgrade to this version and make absolutely no changes to your listener profiles or configuration and your system will continue to run exactly as it always has.


Question 2: Do I want to do this?


Answer 2: This is the right question, and the answer is that you very well might want to use this expanded functionality for a variety of different reasons. Consider the following scenarios:


1.Logical Grouping. If you have multiple listeners and some are for "Live" data and some are for "Test" data you may want to split them up and have your "Live" data using 1 service and your "Test" data using another. This gives you the ability to STOP your "Test" service without also interrupting your "Live Service".

2.Isolation. If one (or more) of your HL7 Trading Partners is having communications/connectivity issues of some kind which require troubleshooting they can be isolated into a separate service of their own which can be started/stopped independently of the other "stable" trading partners.

3.Bringing on new HL7 Trading Partners. You might want to have new clients run in a separate service for a period of time while you evaluate their metrics (IE how much traffic are they sending you, is their HL7 what you were expecting, etc.)


Your answers may vary. See Multi-Profile Tools for additional information.

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