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UAC (User Account Control)

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UAC (User Account Control)


UAC is a security feature of MS Windows introduced in MS Windows Vista and has carried through to Windows 8 as well as the various MS Windows Server operating systems. It's purpose is to prevent software programs from making unauthorized (and potentially harmful) changes to sytem folders and files. Depending on how your system is configured and if you have UAC enabled this may produce some problems which will keep The UltraPort MS SQL Schema Engine from functioning properly.


This UltraPort Product needs to be able to Read/Write/Create/Delete files and folders in its installation folder. It needs this access to store/read your configuration and profile settings as well as to produce system LOG files which allow you to troubleshoot problems. If UAC is enabled (and we are NOT suggesting that you disable it if it is) it might prevent the program from doing that properly which will result in errors as you try and configure or run this software. It can do this in a couple of different ways:


1. UAC might deny the program access to the installation folder. This will cause errors which should be immediately apparent as you try and create, edit or save your configuration settings.


2. The 2nd method is much more subtle and harder to determine. UAC might redirect your application data to a virtual data store in another folder. This means that when The UltraPort MS SQL Schema Engine attempts to save data to what it thinks is the installation folder Windows is actually storing that data in a different folder on the file system reserved for application data BY USER. Since The UltraPort MS SQL Schema Engine is actually made up of several different programs including this configuration program as well as MS Windows Service(s) if this occurs you may run into a situation where you completely configure this software but when you try and run the MS Windows Service(s) they cannot see or locate your configuration settings because the MS Windows Service(s) are running under a different Windows User ID.


If UAC is enabled, there are several different changes you can make to insure that The UltraPort MS SQL Schema Engine runs correctly.


1. You can disable UAC. Since this is a global change which can affect all programs we strongly recommend that you make sure that you fully research the implications of doing this before you do it.


2. You can instruct the operating system to have The UltraPort MS SQL Schema Engine executables 'Run as Administrator'. To do this you will need to open MS Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder where you installed this UltraPort product. Once there right click on the appropriate EXE files.


After right-clicking on the EXE file select 'Properties'. In the Properties window choose the 'Compatibility' tab, and in the 'Compatibility' tab check the box that says 'Run as Administrator' at the bottom of the page. Some versions of the MS Windows operating system have a different check box, if this is so consult your network administrator for assistance.






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