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Getting Started

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When you download and install the UltraPort Router it places a shortcut on your Windows Desktop to start the configuration program. To download the software click here.


Getting Started with the UltraPort HL7 Router



Starting the program for the first time


NOTE: All screenshots were taken from the UltraPort HL7 Listener which uses identical license activation screen flows.


When you start the program for the first time you must first agree to the EULA and activate your product. There are TWO different methods of activation.

1.Online Activation over the internet.

2.Manual Activation (no internet connection). This page deals only with Online Activation see the section on Manual Activation for information about how to activate the UltraPort HL7 Listener on computers which are not connected to the internet.


Online Activation Step 1.



Online Activation (Step 1)

Online Activation (Step 1)


In Step 1 check the box for Online Activation and then check the type of activation (IE do you own a license or are you just evaluating the product) and the click .




Online Activation Step 2.





In Step 2. Just enter your login credentials (ID and Password) which you created when you registered at our website to download or purchase the software. These are


Either your HermeTech Customer ID or Account number. (Note: this value is NOT case-sensitive)

Your password. (Note: this value is NOT case-sensitive)


Identifying comment about this computer. This is a short descriptive comment about the particular computer you are activating. It's used in your account to help you identify particular licenses should you need customer service or support (also referred to in other documents as the 'Your Note' field). This field is required but is completely freeform so you can enter whatever value you think is appropriate.


When Done Click the Activate Button.




Upgrading from an EasyHL7 Router - The UltraPort Router is HermeTech International's 'Next Generation' HL7 'sender' product. Qualifying license holders of the EasyHL7 Router products can receive an upgrade to the UltraPort Router for a discounted price. Terms and conditions apply. Contact HermeTech customer service for additional information


See Also: Manual Activation.

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