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Attention Software Developers using Microsoft Visual Studio .Net! With the UltraPort Router Proxy Toolkit you can turn the UltraPort Router into an application extension of your own custom HL7 software AND it's incredibly easy to do. In fact it can be linked into your application in just a few lines of code. Just configure your UltraPort Router Profile to receive HL7 message from a Proxy application (see Router Profiles) and start your application. The proxy toolkit automatically establishes it's own custom HL7 Router within your application (no socket programming knowledge required) to send HL7 messages directly to your UltraPort Router profile for final delivery! It's really that easy! No complicated Socket or IP port handling! It's all done for you in one simple, multi-threaded class library. Download the proxy toolkit and sample application HERE (ZIP format) or view the online documentation HERE. Use of the Proxy Toolkit is FREE, it requires no license and can be freely redistributed with your application.


What it does NOT do. The proxy toolkit does not communicate with HL7 standard TCP/IP listeners. It can be used ONLY to send HL7 messages to a running UltraPort Router profile which will then forward that message on to a standard HL7 listener.






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