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Customer Service

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Customer Service

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At HermeTech, we value our customers and take great pride in our customer service and product support. We always appreciate and, yes, actually read all feedback from customers. With the HL7 License Manager software, we've taken a step forward in making this experience even better for our customers by streamlining your ability to get the support you need as quickly and efficiently as possible.  This includes 3 different and specialized built-in direct email windows. For more information, click the appropriate link below.


1.For general questions and inquiries about products or pricing, click HERE.

2.If you need help with a particular license or installation of a HermeTech product, click HERE.

3.If you have a license which you need to transfer from one computer to another, click HERE.


Additional Online Resources


Download the HL7 License Manager: Click HERE to download


HermeTech Website: www.hermetechnz.com/EasyHL7


Online Help (All Products): Online Product Manuals


Product Downloads: www.hermetechnz.com/EasyHL7/downloads.asp


Purchase: www.hermetechnz.com/EasyHL7/purchase.asp


Customer Service: mailto:info@hermetechnz.com




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