The UltraPort Router Proxy Toolkit


Programming interface for Microsoft Visual Studio .Net

(c) 2009-2010 Hermetech International Ltd.

With the HermeTech UltraPort Router Proxy Toolkit you can create applications in Microsoft Visual Studio.Net which will can SEND HL7 messages directly to an UltraPort Router Profile which will then deliver the message to it's final destination. It's simple to implement in just a few lines of code, requires no specific knowledge of TCP/IP socket programming, and is compatible with all of the Visual Studio .Net (2005 or greater) language platforms (Visual Basic, C#, C++). You can download the UltraPort Proxy Toolkits for both the UltraPort Listener AND the UltraPort Router and sample application by clicking HERE (zip format).



Proxy Settings in an UltraPort HL7 Router Profile

Proxy Settings in an UltraPort HL7 Router Profile



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