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Some common questions and their answers Q&A style!

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Q: My Application just shuts down or won't start?

A: Remember that the RouterProxy object communicates with the UltraPort Router over TCP/IP. This can trigger DEP or be blocked by firewalls and network security programs (like Norton's or Symantec's). The most common experience is with users on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or greater who have DEP blocking all applications by default.


Q: Can my Proxy application send HL7 messages to multiple ports / IP Addresses?

A: Absolutely. To do this just pass the correct information whenever you call the SendHL7Message method.


Q: Can multiple Proxy applications / modules send HL7 messages to the same UltraPort Router at the same time?

A: Absolutely. The router is waiting for messages using a fully compliant LLP listener rated and tested at up to 100 simultaneous connections.


Q: How can I tell if my the UltraPort Router is up and running and waiting for HL7 messages?

A: If a call to the PingTheRouter method returns TRUE then the router is up and running.



Proxy Settings in an UltraPort HL7 Router Profile

Proxy Settings in an UltraPort HL7 Router Profile