Property: MessageEOM

Access: ReadWrite

DataType: String (Defaults to the HL7 standard HEX(1C) + HEX(0D) characters)

Description: The beginning of message characters used in the strHL7Message parameter passed in the SendHL7Message method.


NOTES: The proxy toolkit uses it's own custom HL7 message enveloping when sending HL7 to the router profile. This means that when you call the SendHL7Message method, IF the HL7 message you passed in the strHL7Message parameter contains BOM and EOM characters, the proxy toolkit must remove them and replace them with it's own values (which are proprietary). Thus the need for the MessageBOM and MessageEOM properties. Before attempting to send the message, the toolkit will determine if the message begins with MessageBOM or ends with MessageEOM and if it does then those characters are stripped. The UltraPort Router profile does not need these characters to be sent to it as it has it's own instructions on which BOM and EOM characters to use when sending HL7 messages on to their final destination.