Event: HL7MessageReceived(oMessage)

Name: HL7MessageReceived(objHL7Message)

Parameters: ByRef objHL7Message <ProxyHL7Message Object>

Description: Raised when the object receives an HL7 message from an UltraPort Listener service.


Programming Note: When this event is raised objHL7Message will be a fully populated ProxyHL7Message object. In that object the ThisHL7Message property will contain the entire HL7 message body in ASCII string format. The message will NOT contain any BOM or EOM enveloping characters. Additionally, for convenience be aware of all of the .HL7MSH... properties of the ProxyHL7Message object where elements of the MSH (message header) segment have already been parsed for you allowing you to immediately reference them.


See Also: Example Code in Getting Started, Example Code in ProxyHL7Message Object.