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Software Development and HL7 Solution Building and Testing


EasyHL7 ActiveX Component and Managed Code objects for Visual Studio.Net: Attention HL7 software developers! This toolbox makes creating HL7 aware applications simple and inexpensive (there are NO redistribution fees). What can you create with the EasyHL7 ActiveX Components? You name it! You're limited only by your imagination. Every EasyHL7 product which manipulates HL7 data was created using these tools. You can instantly add HL7 viewing / printing / reporting to your applications with just a few lines of code! For more information click HERE!
The Commando HL7 Workbench: Commando is THE all-around HL7 application you've been looking for. Set up HL7 scenarios for testing or even create REAL HL7 solutions all from within this product. Send/Receive messages via TCP/IP, view/edit/print HL7 messages in a variety of formats, built-in VBScript development environment for creating custom transformations and much more! This one's got everything you need! For more information click HERE!


Sending and Receiving HL7 messages over TCP/IP (Windows Services)


Standard EasyHL7 TCP/IP Routers: To send HL7 messages over a TCP/IP connection you must have an HL7 transmitting application (we call it a router). We're one of the few companies that let you buy just that! Don't pay for what you don't need anymore! Our HL7 Router products come in many different single and multi-destination configurations which all have 1 thing in common. They are all easy to install, configure and use as well as being inexpensive! For more information click HERE!
EasyHL7 Mailbox Router: Just like the Standard Router but you can send to an UNLIMITED number of HL7 recipients. For more information click HERE!


HL7 Database Integration


EasyHL7 MS SQL Schema Engine: Do you need to import data into a Microsoft SQL Server database? If you do then we've got the product for you. If you've already got SQL Server installed (and YES it even works with the FREE Microsoft SQL Server Express!) then you can have the EasyHL7 MS SQL Server Schema Engine installed and running in less time than it takes to read up to page 10 in other products instruction manuals! See for yourself why this product had the most explosive debut of any product in the history of the company and why the number of registered users DOUBLED every month for the first 6 months of it's release! For more information click HERE!
EasyHL7 MySQL Schema Engine: All of the same great features of our Microsoft SQL Server Schema Engine but designed for the FREE open-source MySQL database platform. For more information click HERE!
EasyHL7 Access Schema Engine: All of the same great features of our Microsoft SQL Server Schema Engine but designed for the Microsoft Access database. For more information click HERE!


General Purpose HL7 Applications


HL7 Notepad: A true WYSIWYG HL7 file editor. Edit / View / Print / Export HL7 message data like never before. This is one of those rare items where you can get commercial grade software at a shareware price! For more information click HERE!
Message Search Engine: Need to search through hundreds or thousands of HL7 data files for a specific message? This will do it. Commercial grade software at a shareware price! For more information click HERE!
HL7 File Splitter: Now here's a real NICHE product. Have you ever needed to consolidate many HL7 data files into 1 file (for archiving perhaps)? Conversely, have you ever needed to take a large file of HL7 messages and split it into individual message files? This little program will do it for you. For more information click HERE!
TCP/IP Router Simulator: Ideal for testing connections to any HL7 Listener (ours or someone else's) OR helping to diagnose HL7 communication problems OR even stress testing an HL7 interface. This free hl7 tool will transmit a file containing HL7 messages to an HL7 Listener as many times and as quickly or slowly as you need. And did we mention that it's ABSOLUTELY FREE! For more information click HERE! OR download it directly by clicking HERE.


EasyHL7 Account/License Management


EasyHL7 Product License Manager: If you own EasyHL7 products then this FREE application might be of use to you. You can manage your account, change your password, activate/reactivate your EasyHL7 products, an integrated expedited emailer to Customer Service and get an instant desktop view of all of your products! Download right from the products page click HERE! or you can click HERE to download it now!


Download the EasyHL7 Products / License Manager