Property: ThisAcknowledgement

Access: ReadWrite

DataType: String

Description: When you receive the ProxyHL7Message object in the HL7MessageReceived event this property will be the string "OK". Setting this property to any other value (OR setting the SendThisAcknowledgement property to False) will result in a negative acknowledgement being sent back to the UltraPort listener.


Programming Note: When your program returns control back to the ListenerProxy object from the HL7MessageReceived event the ListenerProxy object will send an internally formatted acknowledgement back to the UltraPort listener. The acknowledgement sent back will either be positive or negative. If the UltraPort listener receives a negative acknowledgement it will go into a 30 second wait cycle and then it will resend the same message back to you. It will continue to do this until it receives a positive acknowledgement or the message is removed from the proxy queue (see the FAQ). Note that this will NOT stop the UltraPort listener from continuing to receive HL7 messages and queue them for sending to your application but your application WILL NOT receive additional HL7 messages until the problem is resolved.


It is expected that your application will handle ALL incoming HL7 messages forwarded to you.