Property: ThisHL7Message

Access: ReadWrite

DataType: String

Description: When you receive the ProxyHL7Message object in the HL7MessageReceived event this property will contain the entire HL7 message for you to do with as you please.


CRITICAL PROGRAMMING NOTE: From the time that UltraPort Listener transmits your application the HL7 message it must receive an acknowledgement back from your application within 5 seconds. This means that your application must return control (ie return from the HL7MessageReceived event) within that timeout period. You do not have to take any action, this acknowledgement is handled internally and the only control you have over it is whether you send back a positive or negative acknowledgement to the UltraPort Listener (see ThisAcknowledgement or SendThisAcknowledgement). IF the UltraPort listener does not receive an acknowledgement within the timeout period it will drop the connection (see ConnectionDropped) and go into a 30 second waiting cycle and then it will send you the same message again. It will continue to do this until it receives an acknowledgement from your application within the timeout period. If your application requires more time to process the message, we recommend that you create worker threads to handle the HL7 message processing so that you can return control to the ListenerProxy object before your transaction times out.


Programming Note: When this event is raised objHL7Message will be a fully populated ProxyHL7Message object. This property will contain the entire HL7 message body in ASCII string format. The message will NOT contain any BOM or EOM enveloping characters. Additionally, for convenience be aware of all of the .HL7MSH... properties of the ProxyHL7Message object where elements of the MSH (message header) segment have already been parsed for you allowing you to immediately reference them.