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To receive HL7 messages over TCP/IP you need what's known as an HL7 Listener. An HL7 listener application is a piece of software which runs on your computer/server and opens up a specified TCP/IP 'port' number and 'listens' for HL7 message data to be sent to it by another HL7 message sending application (or Router).


In the UltraPort product line we have the outstanding UltraPort HL7 Listener (for receiving HL7 messages) as well as the UltraPort HL7 TCP/IP Router (for sending HL7 messages). These lightweight, but robust MS Windows Service applications install and configure in minutes and have an intuitive, easy to use interface. With the UltraPort HL7 Listener you can be receiving HL7 data over TCP/IP within just a few minutes after installation!


How does it work? The UltraPort listener will accept HL7 messages sent to your computer/server over TCP/IP to a specific port number (designated by you), it will then write the messages to a file in a folder (designated by you), and then automatically send a functional HL7 acknowledgement back to the sender (if required) indicating that the message has been received successfully. In short, we handle all of the TCP/IP overhead for you, leaving you with pristine, neatly ordered HL7 messages in files on the file system for you to process at your discretion.


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You can also find more information in the online help or the UltraPort Listener product page in (note that this website is not designed for smart phones).


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See Free Stuff if you need a free light weight HL7 Viewer, HL7 TCP/IP Listener, or HL7 TCP/IP Sender for testing.
















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