YouTube - Setting Up Database Maintenance

More information about database maintenance. In the Database Schema window click the 'DB Maintenance' button in the toolbar to configure a database maintenance plan.


Schema Database Maintenance Settings

Schema Database Maintenance Settings


if you want the schema engine to perform any maintenance at all you must select 'Enabled'.


In the 'dropdown' list select the number of days old a message has to be before it is eligible for deletion. NOTE: the 'Age' of a message is determined by comparing the 'LastLoaded' date value in the <prefix>_HL7Data table with the current system date.


Check the box to indicate whether maintenance should ONLY purge messages which have been marked as 'Processed'.


NOTE 1: 'Processed' is determined by checking the value of the 'Processed' column in the <prefix>_HL7Data table. A zero (0) indicates that the message has NOT been processed and any non-zero value indicates that it has.


NOTE 2: The 'Processed' checkbox is only applicable for 'Inbound' HL7 messages. Schema database maintenance will never purge 'Outbound' HL7 messages unless the Processed column in the <prefix>_HL7Data table contains a non-zero value.


For owners of a 'Professional' or 'Enterprise' license of the schema engine you have the ability to run database maintenance in a separate windows service, all other license holders (DEMO and Developer) must run maintenance in a local processing window from the configuration program itself. See Running Maintenance for more information.


IMPORTANT: The "Schema Training" features which are available starting with version 6.6 require that you create a database maintenance plan. See Schema Training for more information.