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Help: Sending HL7 Messages

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UltraPort HL7 Router (Sender)

Version 5.2.3


Welcome to the UltraPort HL7 TCP/IP Router, your one-stop solution for sending HL7 messages over TCP/IP. This is the next generation of our award winning HL7 TCP/IP sender product. Version 5.2.3 of the UltraPort HL7 Router is smaller, faster and more flexible than ever and for the first time is available in a native 64-Bit installation, finally you can take full advantage of the latest versions of the Microsoft Windows 64-Bit operating systems! The UltraPort Router works as a fully compliant HL7 message sender compatible with all HL7 standard TCP/IP Listener software.


Getting Started with the UltraPort HL7 Router


Some of the Great Features In the UltraPort HL7 TCP/IP Router!

The UltraPort HL7 Router is now available in both 32-Bit and 64-Bit Versions!

For customers with multi-destination licenses we now offer you 3 different MS Windows Service instances to use. (See Running as a Service)

A new fully integrated Router Monitor! (See the Router Monitor)

Test the TCP/IP connection to the HL7 Listener! You can do this from either the Monitor tab on the Main Window OR when creating/editing a Router Profile.

Add or change the HL7 Message Control ID (MSH 10.1) at run-time

Extended Debug Logging can be turned off and on by Router Profile! (See Creating Router Profiles)

The Developer's License. A (slightly) restricted functional license for less than 20% of the retail price of it's production equivalent. See Developers License for more information!

A FREE API toolkit for software developers using Microsoft Visual Studio .Net! With the UltraPort Proxy Toolkit, you can basically make any or all of your listeners an integrated part of YOUR own custom integration software. Have HL7 messages forwarded directly into your application where you process them however you like! And all with about 10-15 lines of code!

Run as a MS Windows Service OR as a regular Desktop Application directly from the configuration program!



NEW! WinScry Remote System Monitor

Receive Email Alerts if something goes wrong on your HL7 Server! While not designed just for UltraPort products WinScry was created by HermeTech so you can believe that it is the perfect remote monitoring solution for your UltraPort Router. See Using Winscry for more information before downloading from


See GETTING STARTED if you are starting the program for the first time.




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