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Since product licenses are 'per-computer' HERMETECH INTERNATIONAL LTD recognizes that in the course of normal operations the need may arise to replace outdated or damaged equipment. Also, it is possible that a significant 'reformat' or replacement of an operating system may cause an existing license to become invalid (see How Licenses Work, and also our Fair Use policy).


Before you begin:

Step 0: You may need to download and install the UltraPort HL7 TCP/IP Router on the new computer. You MUST be running at least version 3.2 as these are "mandatory" upgrades. In addition if your installation is in a "virtual computer" and your current license is NOT one specifically designated as being for use with VMs you may be required to upgrade your license to one that does (see the EULA).Download UltraPort products HERE.


Scenario #1: Moving a license to another computer.

Step 1: Start the program and follow the prompts, selecting "Manual Activation" when directed. What you want to do in Step 2 is create an ACTIVATION REQUEST for the new computer and transfer it to your computer which is running the HL7 License Manager Software.

Step 2: Use ACTIVATION REQUEST you created in Step 2 within the HL7 License Manager Software to create a MOVE request to HermeTech Customer Service (click HERE to open the online help for the HL7 License Manager software about how to do this).

Step 3: Your license activation key for the new computer will be created by HermeTech customer service for you and once completed you will be contacted via email or phone. You can then activate the new computer at your discretion using following the "Manual Activation" method and transferring your new license activation key from the HL7 License Manager software to your new computer.

Step 4: (Optional) Customer Service is open 24/7 to help you. If an emergency situation arises we recommend that you contact us by telephone. In most instances we can walk you through this entire process in 5-10 minutes in real time. See our contact details.


Scenario #2: A license has become "invalid" on an existing computer.

Step 1: You must first DELETE the offending license file. Typically, if a license becomes invalid you will receive an error message when you start the software which will show you the file name. Just locate the license file in MS Windows Explorer and delete it. The license file will have a .lic file extension and will be located in the folder where the UltraPort product is installed.

Step 2: After you have deleted the license file you should be ready to begin. You can tell if you are ready by starting the SQL Schema Engine again. If you have done everything correctly you should be prompted to Agree to the EULA again.

Step 3: Now you follow the exact same steps as in Scenario #1 above. When prompted in the HL7 License Manager software for the Reason why you are moving the software, just indicate that the license became invalid due to a hardware/software change.




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