Software Licenses

There are 6 types of license (plus 4 different short term licenses) available to purchase for the UltraPort MS SQL Schema Engine, 'Professional' and 'Developer' (for physical and virtual machines) in addition to the free 'Demo' license described above. There are NOT 5 different versions of the software to download, you only have to download the UltraPort software once (unless upgrading to a new release in the future). The type of license you have (VM, Professional, Developer or Demo) dictate how the software behaves and what (if any) runtime restrictions are applied. All HermeTech product licenses are 'Per Computer' meaning that a separate license is required for every computer (virtual or otherwise) that the software is installed on. Refer to the HermeTech Website (click here) for information on product prices, and downloads.

DEMO License: A temporary license to allow evaluation of the product. Expires in 30 days and has certain built-in limitations to the functionality provided. DEMO licenses can only be activated via "Online Activation" over the internet from within the product itself (See Getting Started)

Enterprise License: This is our flagship SQL Schema Engine license available for software versions 6.6.0 and higher. This license is suitable for both physical machines and virtual machines and with it are included a host of FREE Enterprise Features.

Professional License: This is the 'Full' product license. There are no runtime restrictions, it never expires and all features are available. There are 4 different "configurations" of professional license. This license is NOT for virtual machines.

Developer License: This is a 'Limited' product license provided at a substantially lower cost. The target market for this type of license is for HL7 interface developers although we do have customers who use the Developer license in their 'Live' environments. This type of license is fully functional and has all features enabled with 1 caveat. You may not run or install the UltraPort MS Windows Services. You must use the 'Run Locally' functionality. This license is NOT for virtual machines.

Professional License for VM: Identical to the Professional License but is specifically approved for use with computers running VMWare or other "virtual" computer software.

Developer License for VM: Identical to the Developer License but is specifically approved for use with computers running VMWare or other "virtual" computer software.

Short Term Licenses: Now in version 4.1 or greater you can purchase a short term license for periods of 30, 60, 90 or 180 days. All short term licenses are the functional equivalent of the Enterprise License (described above) including all Enterprise Features. Common uses for short term licenses include:

Extended product evaluation time for new customers. Anyone can download and install this UltraPort HL7 product and activate a free "Demo" license which is good for 30 days and runs with certain restrictions (see Getting Started). If your "Demo" license expires OR if you've gone as far as you can go with your evaluation under the constraints of a "Demo" license and you wish to continue your evaluation you can purchase a short term license as a low cost alternative to purchasing a full license.

Licenses for "Test" or "Certification" servers. Some customers require that new software be tested or certified in a test environment before being implemented in their "live" environment. Since all UltraPort Licenses are "per computer" this means that users must purchase a license for every computer (whether virtual or physical) running this product. Short term licenses provide a low cost alternative to purchasing a "full" license for a testing/certification server which might only be needed for a limited period of time.


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