System Requirements and Trial Period details

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System Requirements and Trial Period details


MS Windows Operating System (Windows 2000 or greater)

4 GB System Memory

100 MB HDD space (+ adequate database storage space)

Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0*1

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or greater (MS SQL Express works just fine) OR MySQL*2.



*1 IMPORTANT NOTE: Versions of the UltraPort MS SQL Schema Engine prior to version 4.0.0 used the .Net Framework Version 2. The last version of the Schema Engine to use the .Net Framework Version 2 was version 3.5. As a courtesy to our customers who are running versions of the UltraPort MS SQL Schema prior to version 3.5 and are running on older server platforms which don't have the .Net Framework Version 4 installed yet can upgrade to version 3.5 by downloading and installing it by clicking HERE. See the Release History for more information about version 3.5 and version 4.0.0.


*2.IMPORTANT NOTE FOR MySQL: Starting with version 4.2 of the UltraPort Schema Engine the MySQL database platform is now supported (see MySQL Schemas). You can visit the MySQL Website to download MySQL by clicking HERE. The Schema Engine was tested and certified using the MySQL Community Edition (GPL) versions 5.6 and 5.7 and uses the MySQL driver version 6.9.8.


Demo Mode (Trial Period) Restrictions


This software is free to try for a period of thirty (30) days. All software downloaded from HermeTech websites is the 'Real' software and will function in 'Demo' or 'Evaluation' mode until either the expiration period expires or an appropriate license is purchased. While in 'Demo' mode you will be unable to run the UltraPort Schema Engine windows service and can only use the 'Run Locally' functionality.





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