UltraPort MS SQL Schema Engine for HL7 (v7.0)


Welcome to Version 7.0 of the UltraPort SQL Schema Engine for MS SQL Server and MySQL, the NEXT generation of our award winning HL7 database products. The UltraPort SQL Schema Engine is smaller, faster, more flexible and has added many new features including full integration with our award winning UltraPort HL7 TCP/IP Listener, HL7 Router and our multi-faceted UltraPort HL7 Postmaster.


We think that starting with Version 6.6.0 of the UltraPort SQL Schema Engine it represents the most important new release for this product in the past 10 years! The new added ability to automatically train your database schema tables will greatly enhance your experience using this product. See Training Your Schema for more information. From version 6.6.0 onward we now offer you the ability to purchase or upgrade to a Enterprise License which unlocks even more incredible features and free add-ons to create new and exciting ways to use your SQL Schema Engine (See Enterprise Features).


See the Release History for current and past release notes and information. NOTE: This is especially important if you are upgrading from an earlier version!


Import / Export HL7 messages directly to or from a Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL database with this simple to configure and use system. Create 1 or more easy to follow Schemas of data tables, turn it on and the rest is up to you. Create an instant data warehouse of HL7 message data that makes it extremely easy for you to move data from our schema into your own. You work the database and leave the HL7 to us!



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The UltraPort MS SQL Schema Engine Main Window


Great New Features

NEW in Version 6.6! Auto-Train your Database Schemas! (see Training Your Schema).

Support for creating UltraPort Database Schemas in the MySQL environment (see MySQL Schemas).

Short Term licenses are now available! Version 4.1 or higher required. See Software Licenses for more information.

Compatibility with the Microsoft Azure database platform! See Microsoft Azure Compatibility for more information.

Integrated Stored Procedures! Starting in version 3.2 you can now add stored procedures into your Inbound and Outbound processors.

The Developer's License. A (slightly) restricted functional license for a fraction the retail price of its production equivalent. See License Types for more information!

64 Bit OS Compatible! No problems working with MS Windows newest operating systems!

Run as a MS Windows Service OR as a regular Desktop Application directly from the configuration program!


SQL Schema Engine Quick Start


See GETTING STARTED for your next step!