Testing Your Schema

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Testing Your Schema

New in version 6.0! Test your Schema!

Open the Schema Testing window by clicking the Test Schema button on the toolbar in the Schema Utilities window.



Edit Schema Window

Schema Test Window - Default View

Schema Utilities Window

Schema Test Window - Enhanced View


In the Schema Testing window you can use actual HL7 messages to validate your database table structure looking for potential issues which might cause problems like missing tables, missing columns, and even possible data truncation issues. IF issues are detected the test results will give you suggestions (including actual SQL statements you can execute) to fix the problem(s). We believe that this testing feature will greatly enhance your overall user experience with the UltraPort SQL Schema Engine.


Why Should I Test My Schema?


When Shoud I Test My Schema?



Before You Begin


Step 1. Start a test cycle by opening a data file.


Step 2. Evaluate your test results.


Step 3a. Dealing with missing tables.


Step 3b. Dealing with missing columns.


Step 3c. Dealing with truncation issues.